My Positionality with KOINONIA

I was previously a Christian before studying at San Francisco State University. Yet, since then, I have gradually dropped my religious identification because it no longer represented my beliefs. Ironically, I am now critical of some Christian practices and ideologies because they condemn political and social values that I currently agree with (i.e. abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, religious freedom).

Additionally, I am an African American male. I cannot ignore that Christianity has been historically used as justification for people to engage in terribly immoral acts against others, such as enslavement of human beings (i.e. Africans) or execution of homosexuals.

I will have some bias entering this space on campus. However, as a college student and communications major, I feel confident in my ability to recognize when my participation is biased and/or unbeneficial to a successful ethnographic study of KOINONIA.


Below are two media post relating to male superiority in Christianity: 

“How God made man superior to women”  Post available here


“Why Did God Choose Adam’s ‘Rib’ to make the ‘Woman'”  Post available here


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