About Us

Koinonia. The Definition according to Merriam Webster .com is “the Christian fellowship or body of believers.” Their second definition is “intimate spiritual communion and participative sharing in a common religious commitment and spiritual community.”

In contrast, the SFSU Koinonia welcomes non-Christians and even people from other religions in their spiritual communion.

On the SFSU Koinonia website, in the “About Us” tab they describe Koinonia as Greek for “fellowship.” Their goal is to create a fellowship with God and people with the intent to show his relevance in students’ lives.  

This webpage has a section called “What You Might Expect,” which displays the following sub sections:

Seeking God

Making Life Long Friends

Having Fun

In the “Seeking God” section they believe that people coming to Koinonia should be curious about Christianity or actively seeking god. They expect that you can do so through bible studies, Small Group discussions and Course 101.

The “Making Life Long Friends” section they express their hope that you may establish lifelong friendships through small group dinners and large group outings in Koinonia.

Koinonia makes sure that you are “Having Fun.” Through games, outings, camping, potlucks and conversation, they create exciting opportunities for college students to engage in. Hell I was invited to play laser tag on my first day there!


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