Third Meeting

The third meeting started off terrible. Despite making a new friend and establishing an interview with him, I did not feel welcomed in the meeting. Koinonia was not present.

Outside my handful of friends in the group, I felt a cloud of bitterness from the others as if I did not belong or was invading their space. This was not a new feeling however. I felt this from first encounters with most Koinonia members. This feeling of alienation was most present when I was asked to leave Course 101 because it was “not a good week.”

Koinonia is a predominately Asian club. So, at times I want to associate being alienated as a racial matter. Yet, as a college educated African American, I know to throw my race cards with confidence and surety.

Despite that, the rest of the meeting was amazing! We read about Jesus’s Prayer (John 17:1-19). After having a bible discussion, I was as spiritually moved as I had been in years. For a small moment, I felt as I once had as a Christian in a church. I felt unifying peace and content amongst every one present in the room.

As a struggling atheist, this both scared and thrilled me. Yet, it also showed me a glimpse of how powerful, nerve wrecking and life changing ethnographic work can become.

The constant struggle between science and religion. Some food for my conflicted brain… Pic available here

This is a trailer for a movie that Koinonia will see tonight. It is about an atheist columnist from Chicago who eventually, after trying to write stories to disprove Christianity, becomes a Christian . Link for tailor available here


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