Orwellian Nightmare

Dear Future,

Imagine pitching the idea of social media in the 1950s. How would you describe it to the baby boomer generation without illustrating a big brother like dystopia? I desperately wanted to experience this conversation, so I hopped in a time machine to the year 1953. Disguised as a disc jockey, I interviewed a clinical worker, Margret Jenkins, about an upcoming invention called social media. Here is our conversation:

Tre Clayton: Recording live from the Big Apple, this is 92.9 AM Radiooo!  Non other then the boogie woogie man, Tre Daddy Doom. I am here with Margret Jenkins; with whom I will discuss Eisenhower Industries’ upcoming invention. How are you this bright morning Margret?

Margret Jenkins:  All is well. Thank you for inviting me on the show.

Tre Daddy Doom: As you are aware, we are here to discuss a new invention from the main man Eisenhower

Margret: Yes

Tre Daddy Doom: Margret he is attempting to create a platform in which people can electronically interact and communicate 

Margret: Like a telephone?

Tre Daddy Doom: No No, imagine a virtual reality in which an electronic representation of yourself is present

Margret: Ok

Tre Daddy Doom : You are able to change your electronic profile on a television set through different series of photographs, motion pictures, and messages

Margret: uhhh, you lost me there Doom

Tre Daddy Doom: What is your Mister’s name?

Margret: Sir Daniel Jenkins

Tre Daddy Doom: in this platform Margret, Sir Daniel Jenkins will have a profile or resume that has a collection of posts, photographs and motion pictures of whatever he desires. Think of it as a public bulletin, which is view-able from a T.V. Screen

Tre Daddy Doom: Can you dig it?

Margret: Still a little lost, but it sounds like a kind of picture/movie representation of myself, but just in format of a television show?

Tre Daddy Doom: Bingo! A show, about yourself, that you constantly update for your viewers

Margret: What is the point of that?

Tre Daddy Doom: Eisenhower believes EVERYONE will eventually have these personalized television shows. http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/stuff-820x420.pngMeaning you will be able to view people’s shows all across the world!

Margret: Even in the old World?

Tre Daddy Doom: From the Great Wall to the Golden Coast

Margret: I don’t want my life available all across the world, let alone the Chine..

Tre Daddy Doom: No no, but what about all your friends and family across the big blue, huh?

Margret: Yeah, ok maybe. But what happens if others can view all my information?

Tre Daddy Doom: You can set your profile to a private setting, so that only people who you want to view your show can view it.

Margret: Only them, nobody else?

Tre Daddy Doom: Well… there is a catch. The government and other third parties like GM, Chrysler, U.S. Steel Standard Oil of New Jersey, Amoco, Goodyear and Firestone can also view your profile despite the privacy setting

Margret: That’s totally not fair. Why would I ever create this profile?

Tre Daddy Doom: Eisenhower believes that this profile will become the standard form of human interaction. That everyone will create these profiles and will be able to hold relationshipshttp://blogs-images.forbes.com/steveolenski/files/2013/11/social-media-cube-1024x922.jpg past the bounds of distance and time. Everyone will be able to share information about their lives with one another, thus creating a pool of information readily available too the world, about the world

Margret: Understandable, but I do not feel comfortable with my information “readily available” to anyone but myself. And wouldn’t this require a constant need to update your profile/representation. In order for the world to be accurately informed, everyone would need to constantly update their shows

Tre Daddy Doom: Yes, that’s true

Margret: What if people posted pictures of themselves, that were old or of another person?

Tre Daddy Doom: Mankind wouldn’t stoop that low

Margret: What if the people, including the government and third parties, were able to track down my location, where I live, where I work, where my husband works, where I shop?http://www.previewsworld.com/catalogimages/STK_IMAGES/STK640001-660000/STK646852.jpg

Tre Daddy Doom: Well, they cou…

Margret: And what if I put up a photograph or message that I enjoyed at the time, but regretted in the future? Other people could retain that image somehow

Margret: And I have many different friends from different races, economic and religious backgrounds. What if some of my photographs or bulletin posts angered or humiliated them?

Tre Daddy Doom: Margr..

Margret: What if someone else posted a picture or message of me on that was embarrassing or revealing? Would I forever be criticized by people from other shows?

Margret: and why does the government need to..

Tre Daddy Doom: That’s all the time we have folks! Join us next time on the Doom Dog Show!


After my trip to the fiftees, I realized that many of these circumstances that Margret mentioned have come true. Governments have created backdoors in which they can view our private social media accounts. People constantly update their profile in order to maintain a certain image that they want portrayed of themselves. And unfortunately, some people are highly humiliated, criticized and manipulated because of

Many Facebook related deaths occur each year

content that is posted by themselves or others, which in rare scenarios lead to suicide.

Although it is widely accepted and used by nearly a billion people, social media is covertly corrupted and overtly shaping society into an Orwellian nightmare.





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Knowledge is Power

“I cannot believe I am writing my first college essay!” “Will I do well?” “OMG this is the big leagues, Tré.” Sitting there in that hard, brown chair, writing my first college essay for English 114, I was nervous for the outcome. I graduated from a public school in Oakland and had always been taught in the flawed school district. Although I made cumulative GPA of 4.2 throughout my junior and senior year, I was worried that my previous success would not be easily achieved in college.

Before writing, I attempted to gather my sources online, which, to my surprise, was very difficult. I encountered trouble finding reliable sources for my topic: flawed education. Two days before the paper was due, my professor suggested the class to take advantage of the library’s databases, which were free to us as SFSU students. The scholarly articles were endless and provided me with a plethora of reliable information precisely based on my topic.

After completion of my paper, I asked my brother, Talon to review my essay to make sure it was semantically and syntactically sound. He enjoyed my essay, however he was unable to view my references from JSTOR. Thinking it was a technical error, I sent my paper to another person to review. She also could not view my references. Immediately I informed my professor about this reoccurring problem, which he later informed me that only SFSU students have access to the aforementioned databases.postgrad-programs-audit-slide-university-of-malaya-library-2013-12-638.jpg

At first this circumstance felt like a loss for non-SFSU students and a lucky perk for myself. Yet, after I learned about Aaron Swartz, I realized the severity of this privilege I temporarily held.

Aaron Swartz was a successful computer programmer with a decorated background including a Stanford education and partial ownership of the popular social media platform, Reddit. He knew that he wanted to make a bigger impact on the world than making a lot of money. Rather, he wanted to make an even bigger impact, which could only be done through policy. He became politically active with the Progressive Change Campaign and Demand Progress. Both entities were created to foster innovation and allow better accessibility in the realm of cyber information.

Creating the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, Swartz obviously was an avid supporter of public access of information. He believed that “Knowledge is power” and that by holding this http://watchdog.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/04/classroom-of-empty-chairs1.jpginformation (JSTOR) was purposefully with holding power to people who cannot afford their services. In an effort to fight this, Swartz downloaded a significant amount of articles from the database in an effort to share it with the rest of the underprivileged public. This act is discussed in Lisa Gitelman’s Searching and Thinking about Searching JSTOR,

In the fall of 2010 hacktivist Aaron Swartz used an IP (Internet pro-tocol) address at MIT to download about 80 percent of JSTOR, apparently as part of an effort to set its contents free. JSTOR’s systems administrators watched with alarm as automated ‘‘pdf scraping’’ by ‘‘the bad guys’’ or an ‘‘offending scraper’’ pulled down hundreds of thousands of journal articles

Notice JSTOR calls him a “bad guy,” disregarding his intention behind downloading the articles. His intention was not for profit, but was to provide underprivileged people around the world access to these articles. His intention is somewhat similar to JSTOR’s description of its goals  “a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship”

This is an amazing and very helpful initiative by JSTOR, yet it is not inclusive of all Students, all scholars or all researchers. Before studying at San Francisco State, I attended Oakland Technical High School where I was a student/scholar that constantly researched health issues for the Health Academy. I unfortunately had no access to JSTOR and simply could not afford the heftily priced services. If I did have access at the time, my projects for the academy could have been significantly more credible. However, as an underprivileged OUSD student I was not able to facilitate new forms of scholarship and was denied access to JSTOR’s digital archive.

After video footage caught Swartz downloading the articles in MIT’s Library,

Footage of Swartz downloading Jstor files

JSTOR decided it would drop charges against Swartz if he returned all the information without distribution. He agreed, yet the government wanted him convicted for this act (regardless of their involvement with the case). This is also discussed in Gitelman’s Journal,

When Swartz was ultimately apprehended and identified as the culprit, JSTOR agreed not to pursue civil charges against him if he would return its data without copying or releasing it. The US Attorney’s Office was not as forgiving, and Swartz committed suicide with the criminal case against him still pending. Suddenly in the spotlight, JSTOR sought to explain itself and its mission to the public. In the face of ‘‘significant misuse of our database,’’ JSTOR said, it did not have any interest in prosecution, only ‘‘in securing [our] content

 Obviously the government wanted to make an example out of Swartz to show the world rebellion of that kind would not be tolerated.  This example sadly led to the death of the renowned computer programmer and political activist and halted the effort to publicize the rich information. Additionally JSTOR only fueled the fire by allowing the government to prosecute Swartz without resistance. Essentially Swartz was attempting to pursue the exact same goal as JSTOR by allowing people information to better their lives and studies. However, they accused him of “significant misuse of [their] database.”

Aaron Swartz

I will never forget that feeling of liberation I felt when I first logged on to JSTOR to browse sources. There were no illegitimate articles, no advertisements, but only reliable and trustworthy information. I felt as if I was equipped with a special power to combat my way through my years at SFSU. Unfortunately, after graduation that power will come with a price.



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The Fight Against “Enlightenment”

Guess Blog Post 

DMT, The Powers of the Pineal Gland, and the Fight Against Enlightenment

By Tyler Williams

Enlightenment. It is something that the greatest and most extraordinary human beings seek out with their time on earth. For those who dare to ask questions like, “what is our purpose in life”. And “Is there life beyond life on earth?” A “Spiritual Awakening” is the first step in achieving the enlightenment necessary to answer these questions. A Spiritual Awakening is a result of a raise in consciousness where the individual becomes aware of realities and parts of themselves that were previously hidden from consciousness. This can be triggered by one reading something that resonates with their soul and higher knowledge. Or can be triggered from some sort of a situation and the epiphany reached due to that situation which also resonates with their soul and higher knowledge. Forces which were previously located outside of the body suddenly enter the person’s energy, thereby raising their consciousness and awakening awareness of this new force.

Spiritual awakening of the third eye or pineal gland

That being said, it is made clear that one can not reach a naturally occurring spiritual awakening simply by seeking the phenomenon out. But those who are willing to seek out and ingest a drug called DMT into their body, are guaranteed an intense out of body experience filled with enlightenment beyond this world.

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance that appears in many plants all over the world and even in the human body. The two ways of administering DMT into your body is either brewed into a tea called Ayahuasca, or smoked. drinking DMT produces a much longer high, while smoking it gives you a shorter high but way more intense high. Another name for DMT is “The Spirit Molecule” due to the fact that this is the chemical naturally produced in our brain that is responsible for dreaming and the “Near Death Experience”. Our bodies produce DMT in our sleep within our brain in the pineal gland, also known as our “Third Eye”.When we are dreaming we are actually experiencing a DMT high/trip.

Diagram of the Pineal Gland

The pineal-gland is a pine-cone shaped gland of the endocrine system. It is called a third eye because it is located in between our two eyeballs and is made up of the same tissue as our eyeball. It is a highly essential part of the brain necessary to our survival. When the third eye is activated, this is when we experience higher realms of consciousness. The third eye gives us perception of the universe around us through our five senses. Through our five senses we have self-awareness and intelligence. It’s function in the brain is essential to our very consciousness. Without awareness of the universe, one has no point of reference at which they have self-awareness. Without self-awareness, you have neither consciousness nor logical thought. The third-eye is also responsible for the ability of seeking out light. A vital attribute for an organisms survival.

People who are spiritual will meditate to self produce DMT into creating a inner world of vision. DMT is said to be the Gateway into trans-dimensional realms that hold the key to mind expansion, and “Forbidden

Religious affiliation of the Based God

Knowledge.” When people ingest DMT into their system the high gives the user two really common effects. One of the effects is the distortion/stretching of time. When smoked the high usually lasts for about seven minutes, but to the user this amount of time literally feels like a lifetime or eternity. The other most common effect from the drug is the experience of religious incarnations tilted toward whichever group of religion or spirituality the user affiliates himself with. The experience one has from using this drug can be filled with bliss joy and discovery. Or be filled with horror which makes the user feel as if he is in hell. When people return to reality after they have gone on their trip they are usually shaken up from what they have just experienced.

One of the biggest questions people have about DMT and other psychedelic drugs, is why is this substance illegal if my brain naturally produces it? Some of the greatest creators of our century including Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for creating a genetic sequencing technique to trace our ancestral heritage back thousands of years. And Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple technology, have attributed their successes to the experiences

Steve Jobs founder of Apple Technologies

they had with psychedelic drugs, and the advanced level of thinking they obtained from using them. They as well as many other great creators, philosophers, and ancient civilizations, believed that psychedelic drugs were a way to unlock a human beings full potential. If this is true, then why does the government ban medical studies of psychedelics, taking away even the possibility of discovering the tools to unlock our full potential? People who are aware of psychedelics enlightening effects, don’t believe that the government has banned them out of love and concern that one might hurt themselves while under the influence of them. But believe the government has banned them because while under the influence of these drugs, they dissolve ones illusion of opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. Opening one up to the the idea that possibly everything they know and have been taught, is wrong. George Carlin, an American stand-up comedian, social critic and author said, “Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking, they want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.” In other words Governments do not want people to expand their consciousness and reach their full potential. Governments fear that if we become aware that we are powerful souls, that create our own reality, it will take away their power to enslave us. This is why the human race gets bombarded with distractions through the TV or the Internet. these distractions are meant to keep our minds occupied with things that do not matter. Governments really do not want us thinking at all. But to expand our thinking would be their worst case scenario. So who is ultimately behind the plot to keep people from reaching enlightenment?

These ideas and theories tie into the popular belief that there are secret societies and organizations that theoretically rule the world and all the people in it. One of the most talked about secret organizations is called the Illuminati. The Illuminati is thought to be a very small but powerful group of people who own and have total control of things like the media, and Government. With these tools at their dispense, they have the power to show us what they want us to see through the media and make us believe everything we see and hear. Thus relinquishing our ability to think for ourselves. The symbol that the illuminati have chosen to represent their organization is an eye in a triangle, or the eye of horus. But throughout history the eye in the triangle and the eye of horus have always been a symbol representing the pineal gland. Which we know from earlier in this report is the gland in your brain responsible for self awareness and when is stimulated is responsible for higher levels of consciousness also known as enlightenment. Another key fact is the word illuminati in itself translates to english to, “Those who are enlightened”. We can easily come to the conclusion that members of the illuminati are aware of the power of the pineal gland, and have achieved enlightenment thus reaching their full potential as human beings. Just how Steve Jobs used his enlightenment to create one of the greatest technology companies of all time.

Illustration on dollar bill

The Illuminati created one of the greatest scams in history, money. It is a tool to keep people from achieving enlightenment by creating a world where money is necessary to live a happy life. This distracts people with something that naturally does not matter; money is just a piece of paper. If money did not exist people would have the freedom to find what makes them happy in life and find their purpose, thus making enlightenment easier to obtain. Instead people work jobs, where part of the paycheck called a tax goes back to the illuminati, making them richer while people are turned to slaves without the freedom to reach enlightenment or to do what makes them happy. The Illuminati’s symbol can be found on the back of the one dollar bill. Another way they try to keep us from being enlightened is by putting fluoride into our water supply. When the pineal gland encounters fluoride, it calcifies, hindering our ability to use it.

All in all if the Government made DMT and Psychedelics legal, we would become aware of how we are being treated like slaves in a corrupted society and the Governments form of control over it’s people would be completely loss.

To end this report on a more positive note, one function of DMT that was not mentioned in depth previously, is the fact that it is the same chemical that is produced when you die. We know that when you die, the brain stays alive for a few minutes producing massive amounts of DMT in the pineal gland. It is about 100x the amount you produce when you dream. These few minutes after death are experienced as an eternity engrossed in the DMT universe. What you experience is dictated by the deepest realms of the subconscious. Therefore whatever at your deepest core you expect to happen after you die, that is exactly what you will experience.

Do Not Revoke The Charter.

“the Oakland school board has known about Chavis’ misconduct for years and yet has repeatedly voted to renew his charter school licenses and extend them” 

Robert Gammon, shows his distaste for the Oakland School Board’s decision to renew American Indian Public Charter School. Despite the school’s amazing academic success, Gammon believes that the school should be closed due to accusations of the school’s Principal, Ben Chavis, for money laundering and misconduct towards students.

Much of American Indian Public Charter School (AIPCS) success and influence on the field of education did not exist until Ben Chavis was appointed principal in 2001. Chavis’ impressive professional experience as an ethnic studies professor and a superintendent of schools prompted the Oakland Native American community to reach out for him to turn around the struggling school in Oakland. AIPCS was an alternative institution for children who could not perform or behave in regular Oakland public schools. In Chavis’ book he reflects on how the students physically assaulted the former principal at AIPCS, smoked during class, and claimed that they “ran” the school. He felt that he could change the direction of the school by reaching the troubled adolescents through strict rules and harsh motivation. Chavis set a militant tone reflective of the direction he was taking the school.

Sean Connelley/ staff 11/12/05 Tribune American Indian School principal Ben Chavis at the Oakland charter school.
Ben Chavis sits on desk in AIPCS classroom.

Use of racial slurs, profanity and public humiliation is not your typical school principle’s tactics to reach academic success. Yet, Dr. Ben Chavis is not your typical principal. He achieved levels of academic success unseen in his city for over 25 years, however his methods of reaching these accomplishments were quite controversial or (as Gammon would put it) “misconduct.”

By 2006 AIPCS earned local and national recognition through the school’s high scores on the Academic Performance Index (API). Katy Murphy reflected on the outstanding scores scores from the students that year, “On standardized tests, Chavis’ kids outscore their Oakland school district peers by leaps and bounds. In 2006, 79 percent of Chavis’ African-American eighth-graders tested at a proficient level or better in reading, compared to 20 percent in district schools. The difference in is even more pronounced for Latino students (82 percent vs. 16 percent.” Compared to the statistics of regular Oakland Public Schools, these stats were unheard of in the district. These scores were so impressive Arnold Schwartzennegger, the Terminator himself, had to come visit the excelling charter school. The following year’s scores eclipsed the prior year and earned national recognition. In 2007 the Charter school had won the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award, and was the first school to do so in the district for over 25 years.

If these “audit” and “fraud” accusations of Chavis are true, then yes, please try him in a court of law. However, regardless of Ben Chavis, allow the school to stay open. It has some of the highest API and standardized testing scores in the state! Why would you want to end that? Many of the children in this school are from troubled communities where public education is a joke. American Indian Charter Schools are THE best public schools in Oakland. Ben Chavis has made a model for these schools to follow which WORKS.

As one of his students I can attest to his cultural offensiveness. He did indeed use racial slurs and sailor like amounts of profanity. Yet he understood that this style combined with his detention and Saturday schools, and no technology system WORKED. Why stop it, because he is possibly guilty of money laundering? Let these schools be run without Ben Chavis. Have you not heard of the achievement gap? Do you know the dropout rate for children from impoverished communities? An institution like this is a miracle in a community like Oakland. Do not hinder progress. Do not destroy a community. Do Not Revoke The Charter. 

Sign for Original AIPCS located in east Oakland
Sign for original AIPCS located in east Oakland

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Murphy, K. (2007, June 15). Madman, genius or both? Retrieved November 12, 2015, from  http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/ci_6148011

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Parents fight to feep American Indian schools open. (2013, June 5). Retrieved November 12, 2015, from  http://abclocal.go.com/story?section=news/education&id=9128878

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